Friday, June 15, 2018


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Baby Robins Keep 15 Cats Hostage!

These beautiful and healthy-looking baby robins are soon going to leave their nest to the great relief of 15 cats (the oldest cats at ORA Residential Sanctuary) that have been expelled from their outdoor run by the Robin family.


Over one month ago we noticed a well-constructed and rather large nest built on a shelf of one of the outdoor cat runs. We were amazed by the audacity and intelligence of the mother and father robins. What better place to build a nest than on an already existing and solid shelf in a large cage? It is undoubtedly the perfect place to raise a bird family, inaccessible to predators and protected from strong winds. But what about the cats that from time to time in the nice days come to spend a few hours safely enjoying the great outdoors? Somehow the robins must have counted on our protection. How did they know that we would have kept the cats away? Perhaps they understood somehow that the inhabitants of the house care for all animals. Or perhaps it is because we feed the birds good food throughout the winter and the nesting season.

In any case, the day after our discovery, we found five robins’ eggs in the nest so we informed the very disappointed cats that access to their run was precluded until the robins had flown away. The cats are counting the days, complaining every morning at the door that gives access to the run. That door will remain closed for a few more days.

All five eggs have hatched and five hungry, fast-growing robins are keeping both their parents busy with feeding sessions. We are honoured that this Robin family has selected our garden as a safe place to give birth at. They rely on our protection.

*Please note that in the photo only two robins are visible as we did not want to go too close to the nest for fear that the robins get scared and fall from the nest.