Tuesday, August 2, 2011

ORA: Post-Rally 2 Thank You

Photographer Suzanne Kelly

Huge thanks to ORA volunteers and friends, HAC-STK administrators and members, and everyone who has pitched in and worked so hard to prepare for Saturday's Rally! Special thanks as well to those of you who came out to protest and support our second rally effort for the animals at the Hamilton Animal Control.

Here is how it all went down:

Jack Clark: "Fantastic 2nd Rally yesterday! More and more caring animal lovers of Hamilton are now joining us for reform of their animal control killing policies. Must've been over a hundred down at Jacksons Square later that afternoon! Many, many Hamiltonians signed our petition and helped distribute our flyers! Some even have occasional contact with the Mayor and plan on speaking to him about the HAC policies. :) We must keep spreading the word every chance we get, animal lovers are everywhere! Big thanks to those who are spreading the word daily, to all those who gladly signed the petition and to the tireless efforts of the relentless group of people who care enough to stand up and speak for EVERY animal inside this building! Looking forward to the next great Rally despite the negative narrow-minded views of some who refer to all these caring passionate people as 'over-the-top-jackasses.' ;) Come join us for this much needed exposure and greatly appreciated efforts to change policies! ALL animals deserve a 2nd chance at life! See ya there!"

Sandra Dobson Lovell: "I thought the rally was very successful. We were a small but enthusiastic group and a lot of people were educated about the HAC. I am looking forward to the next one and hope more people can make it."

Eva McDowell: "Thanks to all who made it to the Rally in spite of the QEW/403 being closed. Special thanks to the people of Hamilton who joined us this time. None of the people we spoke to knew about the situation at Hamilton Animal Control and all were very shocked that they don't allow public adoptions and kill 3000 animals every year. Many were eager to sign the petitions. Looking forward to the next one in about a month's time."

Claudia Vecchio: "Yesterday's rally was a great success! Hundreds of people stopped by, appalled to find out that so many animals are being killed, and that the HAC is not even open for adoptions. We heard a lot of complaints from the public about the HAC. Passers-by gave rally attendees as much information in return as we gave them. Many signatures have been added to our petition. One thing is very clear: Hamilton residents demand low cost spay and neuter, and they do NOT want to see their tax dollars being spent on killing animals."


Coming up next:
Rally 3 - August 27
Hamilton Council Meeting - September 20
Bill Bruce Lecture - September 30
Nathan Winograd Presentation - April 14

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