Thursday, September 8, 2011

ORA: "Help a Pet, Without a Sweat!"

ORA Trio: Ready for Sponsorship

Suppose you would like to adopt a homeless companion animal, but you cannot add another resident to your house. Perhaps you travel intensively, or you are never at home. Maybe you have a partner who does not want another pet, or you are too busy, too tired, and you just don’t have the inclination to clean cat litter boxes or walk a dog after work.

If you recognize yourself in any one of these above scenarios but a part of you still strongly urges you to help, you can, by ‘virtually adopting’ a companion animal. We are not talking about an aberration of our times, the adoption of a virtual pet proposed by many websites. That is nothing more than another computer game. We are talking about taking meaningful responsibility for a real live animal by sponsoring them. The extent of your patronage and commitment to the virtually adopted animal may vary. You may select to pay a fixed amount monthly for the cost of food and supplies, or you may decide to cover all of the expenses of your protégé, including veterinary bills and medications or alternatively, to pay for their insurance coverage. The idea is that you help an animal for life without doing the work of caring for them. No stressful trips to the vet, no frantic runs to the pet store before closing, no cleaning up after them, not even cat or dog hair on your clothes. Doesn’t that sound great?

If it does, give ORA a call, or visit the ORA website at and select a cat or dog whose looks or story speak to your heart.

As soon as you enroll in ORA’s sponsorship program, you’ll receive a photo and bio of the ‘virtually adopted’ animal, as well as a certificate of adoption. And you’ll get periodic updates and updated pictures upon request. You can call or e-mail ORA anytime you wish to know what your pet is up to, and every so often, when scheduling allows, you are also welcome to come and visit your pet, to take the sponsored dog for a walk or to spend some playtime with your cat. These are not requirements for virtual adoptions, just prerogatives that active sponsors may choose to exercise if they like.

Most of the pets available for virtual adoption are animals who, for a variety reasons, are considered to be un-adoptable. However, you can also sponsor an adoptable animal. And if the animal you sponsor is adopted, you can then pass your sponsorship on to another animal.

How does this benefit the animals? By sponsoring or virtually adopting an animal and covering their expenses you make it possible for ORA to rescue another animal. Your sponsorship allows us to allocate the money towards the needs and care of another animal.

What is the cost of a virtual adoption? Consider what you would spend monthly to care for a cat or dog if you actually adopted one. You may decide to donate the same amount to care for your virtually adopted pet. As a general guideline, one cat in ORA’s care costs between $45 to $55 a month, and one dog costs our organization approximately $75 to $90 a month.

If you prefer, you can also co-sponsor/co-adopt a pet, starting from a monthly contribution as low as $25. As an added benefit, your contribution is treated as a charitable donation and therefore enjoys the same taxation advantage. For more information, please visit us online at any time or call 416-726-5762 today.

ORA-Organization for the Rescue of Animals

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