Thursday, October 13, 2011

ORA Special Event Recap: Bill Bruce in Toronto on September 30th

Bill Bruce’s lecture, hosted by ORA-Organization for the Rescue of Animals at the Intercontinental Hotel in Toronto on September 30th, was a very successful event. It is difficult to imagine an event happening without even the smallest glitch, but on September 30th, everything worked to perfection. We wish to thank all of the volunteers who contributed to the success of the evening.

Anticipated with great interest by Toronto animal advocates, the lecture was attended by a room well beyond capacity (over 260 people). Amongst the attendants were Toronto city councilors; directors and executives from nine animals services of the Greater Toronto area; representatives from 16 animal organizations; the CEO, chair and board members of the Toronto Humane Society; politicians, judges, lawyers and veterinarians; a strong delegation from London, Ontario; as well as a few people from as far away as Sudbury, Ontario, including Sudbury’s manager of by-laws enforcement. Everyone was visibly eager to find out how we could possibly abandon euthanasia to control pet population in favour of humane, life saving alternatives.

We really hope that September 30th may be remembered like a special date on the calendar of Toronto animal welfare. The members of the establishments who attended the lecture have the power to bring about radical and beneficial changes for the stray and abandoned animals in our city. We wish and hope that they will apply the good will we have seen at the lecture in implementing these much needed changes.

The slogan of the evening, portrayed in ORA’s posters and in the ORA’s buttons, issued to any attendants in lieu of the entrance ticket, was: “Sterilize, Don’t Euthanize.” Let’s all work together to stop the killing of thousands of abandoned animals in our city and launch programs of massive free sterilization as one of the cornerstones of a more humane future for our companion animals.

Claudia Vecchio
Volunteer Chairperson and Founder
ORA-Organization for the Rescue of Animals

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