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An Anthology of Your Comments Under Petition Project Accountability NOW!

The animals at HAC can't wait another day. It is more than likely they don't even have one.

Join this worthy Cause, if you haven't already done so, and be not afraid to take it up as your own - it is the right thing to do. Your collective participation will help to give thousands of animals from death row a powerful voice demanding change that will no longer be denied, so please continue to read, sign, comment, share and cross-post this urgent petition with everyone you know:

or download a petition form today at

While you're at it, please hop on over to sign Lilly S' petition as well at

We look forward to working with you, our fellow fearless animal advocates, as well as interested local rescue groups with mutual goals, to protest, and to build awareness together, until the Hamilton Animal Control opens up to all rescues once again, and to you, their taxpaying public.

Join this excellent Group originally created by Ken Wood and Terry Chapman Hutchison to show your support and get directly involved in the ongoing movements to Stop the Killings at the Hamilton Animal Control. Meet with like-minded rescuers and advocates, share your opinions and ideas, sign the petitions, and learn more about the many No Kill alternatives revolutionizing animal shelters around the world. This is how you can help: join today! Together, change will happen.

That said, please enjoy the following anthology of your comments, taken directly from Petition Project Accountability NOW! right up to the 600th member/signature at

George Moad, Canada
“I am absolutely appauled at the utter and total disregard for these animals welfare. ABOLISH DEATH ROW- NOW !”

Louise Lang, Canada
“There must be a better solution than this. What needs to happen to have this killing stopped?”

Joe Galati, Canada
“Enough killing helpless animals you cowards.”

Lynda Norment, AZ
“I find this so upsetting that there are still so many "kill shelters!! I do understand the expense & the up keep of these animals, but it is not their fault that many are abandon & forgotten. If they were your kids would you put them down!! I don't think so!! There just has to be a better way to handle these lovable animals!! They don't ask for much, just food,shelter and love we as human beings need to be held accountable!!”

Jenny McQueen, Canada
“There are alternatives. This must be stopped. Where is your compassion?”

wendy cornah, South Africa
“Please do something other than resorting to killing. Thank you”

Julie Macdonald, Canada
“In memory of Treena and Britain.”

Merle Hayes, Canada
“This is totally disgusting, to put down innocent lives, who have had no chance to do any living. Look to Toronto Animal Services and Toronto Humane Society for guidance in adopting out animals!! If rescue groups can find homes for animals, I don't see why Hamilton Animal Control cannot do the same. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME ON YOU!!!!! Find homes for these animals instead of killing them!!!”

Alison Davies, Canada
“The animals that unfortunately end up at HAC have no chance at adoption and wait in a back holding room until the pink needle is brought out. No one sees them and they wait for execution. This is disgraceful and has been going on for years unchecked and unchallenged. Stop the killing.”

Jessica Cook, CA
“Death row is very PEOPLE who murder. Not for scared animals who just need another chance and a lot of love!”

Bett Sundermeyer, TX
“There is a model of sheltering that stops the killing, even in open admission animal control facilities. It is working in 4 countries. Learn how to stop the killing at”

Janis Thornhill, Canada
“Please listen to us all and abolish Death Row...Please stop the murders of these sweet souls...they deserve so much more............”

Tamatha Kostynyk, Canada
“Please listen to all of us and abolish this practice!”

margaret ann johnson, Canada
“This must stop-there is no excuse or reason to do this”

Name not displayed, Canada
“Theses animals are just waiting to give a special someone a lot of love and devoion. How can they do this if they are not there. There is no real reason to put down a perfectly healthy animal. I t isn't their fault they came into contact with so and so's who cn't be bothered and are too selfish to give a damn about anything but themselves”

Name not displayed, Canada
“There are clearly many people that want to help, there's no use for these senseless deaths. If death must be a choice, it should always be the last option instead of the first.”

Sue Becker, Canada
“Please give these animals a chance by allowing rescue groups to take them over rather than euthanasia.”

Amber Quenneville, Canada
“This greatly upsets me and something needs to be done. There is no reason for this!”

Anita Vinolo, Canada
“It angers me to no end,that HAC see fit to kill healthy animals like they were so much garbage and I sincerely hope that evil practice will end from now on. Anita V”

Name not displayed, Canada
“For SHAME on Hamilton.”

Cheryl Boes, Canada
“This is terrible. Stop the killing.”

Tanya Diriye, Canada
“Why is this STILL happening in the city of Hamilton. Hamilton is known for this type of cruelty and EVERYONE knows it. Take some lessons from the city of Calgary and Bill Bruce. There is NO need for this especially since there are rescue groups willing to take many cats/kittens from Hamilton....what a disgrace.”

Pat Hope, Canada
“Disgraceful! The sociopaths responsible need to be removed pronto.”

sabrina malais, Canada
“Stop the killing!”

Marianne Van de Leygraaf, Canada
“every creature deserves a voice and a chance at life.”

Mary-Jane Matheson, Canada
“Disgusting!! Perhaps they should come and get some lessons from Bill Bruce. Our facilities are maintained with great programs, No BSL, high return win situation. Killing is not the first option and should never be!!!”

Cheryl Farrance, Canada
“Stop the senseless killing and try for a more humain adoption or rescue policy.”

Janet Clare, Canada
“Give people better options, low cost spay/neuter and eliminate the exorbitant costs that vets charge to do the same. I'd be outraged if a pet of mine accidently got out and I couldn't get it back.”

Janice Boast, Canada
“SENSELESS KILLINGS MUST STOP - Their are people in that shelter trying to help but they have no resources, Help is needed and NOW”

Irene Donaldson, Canada
“Stop the killing of these animals. Give them a chance to be adopted.”

Carol Cohen, Canada
“Our organization has rescued numerous cats from death row at HAC. Not only do they face certain death, but are not cared for properly while they are in the care of HAC. Invariably, these cats come into our organization with multiple parasites and diseases. HAC is one of the most dismal and appalling organizations it has been my displeasure to come across. They need a total overhaul and someone who actually cares for the animals to be put in charge. They should be ashamed of themselves.”

Denise Choo Son, Canada
“Unbelievable in this great country of ours! SHAME! Get some pickets going now - every day until someone pays attention. Who put these devils in charge?”

Elizabeth Stonehouse, Canada
“This mass killing must stop and resources used to spay/neuter and adopt.”

Name not displayed, Canada
“barbaric is not the word for what these people do - how do they live with themselves knowing that the animals being killed actually belong to someone?”

Sheila White, Canada
“Someone needs to 'control' HAC!”

Marilyn Dickie, Canada
“Stop this atrocity!!!”

Earl Cousins, Canada
“Please stop!”

Name not displayed, Canada
“The Hamilton Animal Control division has a responsibility to examine its practices and work to reduce the massive number of killings. There are many changes which would reduce the number and still provide effective animal control for the city.”

mc little, Canada
“Animals should not be ware housed only to face death row but instead should be rehomed with every effort possible. Anything short of this is just WRONG!”

M Halberg, Canada
“All animals deserve a chance at a loving home!”

holly Mistry, Canada
“Please find homes for these animals. Do not take their lives they are innocent”

jessica brown, Canada
“i took in a cat from your shelter that was scheduled to be put down. 2 weeks later, she had 3 beautiful kittens. i saved not one, but 4 lives that day. it was the best thing i ever did, each one of them is a little bundle of joy. how could such a lovely cat end up on death row? it truly is a tragedy..”

ursula weyermann, Australia
“neuter your Pets! And seriousely try to find them homes! Treat them as living Beings, not as THINGS!!!!!”

Lisa Tarasca, Canada
“please stop this.. there is no need instead of invention in death invest in new places to find cats homes”

Chris James, Canada
“No more murdering healthy animals. Enough is enough!!”

Darlene Clark, Canada

Miranda O'Hara, Canada
“I truly hope that this can make a difference and something will be done about this awful place, well-known for it's horrific callousness of animal lives.”

Tina Damant, Canada
“This needs to end!”

Laurie Fast, Canada
“Find another solution!”

Sandra Lovell, Canada
“This has been going on far too long. Let's step up to the plate and get this stopped.”

shelagh Ferguson, Canada
“stop the murder of healthy animals - respect and value there right to live.”

Amelia Donaldson, Canada
“It is inhumane to kill them, they need a chance at life just like people do. :(“

thomas moore, TX

Giovanna Pellecchia, Canada
“Let's put an end to these barbarian acts...”

Ruth Wozniak, Canada
“It is sad how we treat our animals. Kill and keep on killing. At what point does the municipality wake up and think.... there must be a better way”

Kathleen Robbins, MI
“We must speak up for these animals! And to the shelters that are so quick to kill them, why are you not so quick to help find ways to reduce the pet population? Why are you not advocating for spay and neuter programs? This is disgraceful!”

Ann Vieira, Canada
“Please endorse spay/neuter clinics and lobby local politicians to introduce more free clinics that support this essential service. Animal control through mass euthanasia blitzes is a tragic alternative. Thank you.”

Caroline Folk, Canada
“The HAC policies are outdated, the animals are suffering as a result and the HBSPCA is part of the problem!”

Bonnie Gardhouse, Canada
“The barbaric practice of mass killing is a perennial problem in Hamilton, Ont. and it's time the governing body brought itself into the 21st century by copying the innovative, non-lethal programs that better cities have adopted. Come on Hamilton, step up to the plate!”

Johanna Tito, Canada
“Shameful!!! Part of the problem is the 2 cat/dog limit per household. Come on now!! People should be allowed to have more than that!! I know lots of people with over 5 or 6 cats and dogs and they are looked after impeccably!! Furthermore, let the rescue groups come in and take these animals!! Give the animals a chance at life. The 72 hour holding time is crazy and killing cats like Treena and Britain without notice is even crazier!! Join the no-kill movement. Read Nathan Winograd!!!”

Marie Galati, Canada
“STOP KILLING THE ANIMALS !!! This is horrible and u should be ASHAMED of ureself!!! How do u look into an amimals eyes and kill them for no reason...HEARTLESS is the first thing that comes to my mind....ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Brenda Wells, Canada
“Stop killing animals!”

J McCartney, Canada
“Many people have no idea about this travesty.”

Kelly MacPherson, Canada

Brenda Erdman, Canada
“Cats have the intelligence of a two year old child. They are innocent,helpless victims who desperately need you to sign this petition. Thank you for signing and showing that many of us do truly care.”

Chris Harris, Canada
“The time has come to demand accountability and transparency so taxpayers know that the city is paying to kill animals when rescue groups are being prevented from re-homing the animals. All municipal AC need to implement life-saving programs.”

Darleen Hughes, Canada
“It is time to give these animals a chance at life!! End the insanity!!”

Renee goldstein, Canada
“About time something like this needs to be seen is disgusting the way tame and loving animals are treated and put down. I wish that the vets and SPCA would lower their prices for fixing animals.Not every one can pay these high costs of vet bills. Stop breeding the animals is another soluition to these problems”

Pamela Gardner, NC
“Please practice compassion... it is the only thing our species as going good for itself.”

Helen Griffiths, Canada
Why do we do not have a cheap spay/neuter programme? Then ther would not be so many cats and kittens available for adoption. We cannot ask our vets to give us more discouts. We need a cheap spay/neuter programme. Any ideas?”

Mary Shepherd, Canada
“Hamilton has quite a reputation and I am disappointed to see the need for this petition. I had heard rumors of change but I guess not.”

Marta Hoyles, Canada
“It amazes me that insensitive individuals have the power that they do! Let's work together to rid the Hamilton Animal Control of people who can behave with such reckless, vicious acts. Help these animals with your voice on this petition!”

Jean Mccarthy, Canada
“This is barbaric! I had absolutely no idea that HAC was this type of a facility. I now understand the urgency for getting animals out of this place and away from the insanity. They do not allow people in to adopt. How absolutely ridiculous is this. Abolish their procedures, and/or the HAC itself.”

Jane Kelland-Germain, Canada
“This has been going on far too long at HAC and it is time we took action. I live in the amalgamated area now called Hamilton. I am ashamed that this continues to happen at HAC. What kind of human beings are we if we arbitrarily take the lives of those who are also sentient beings. Shame on you Hamilton.”

Lynn Graydon, Canada
“People must take a stand on animal welfare. Canada is further behind in their animal welfare laws than some third world country. This has to change.”

Julie Saunders, Canada
“I wonder what all the Animal Control agencies do with the extra donations that I have been sending them for years. I disagree with mass euthanasia. I agree with spay/neuter clinics.”

Sabrina Hunt, TX
“Please.. Look at Alternative methods of Control.Also, If You don't Care about the Animals in Your Care, Then I ask You WHY are You doing this Job?!...”

R Kraft, Canada
“Shame on Hamilton Animal Control to rushing to kill healthy and adoptable animals without giving them a chance to be adopted or rescued. There are better ways to handle this.”

Diane Parent, Canada
“May be there should be some major propaganda against the euthanizations performed by HAC. Do they pick up every cat on the streets of Hamilton and don't bother finding the owners?”

Dianne Douglas, AZ
“Every life has a purpose. All animals are individuals and they have feelings and thoughts and they suffer the pain and the joy that we do. They are entitled and they deserve an opportunity to live. "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." Mahatma Gandhi”

Trudy Percival, Canada
“This is the most terrible type of species elimination, I have ever read about. Is this Hamilton, Ontario, Canada?? If so, why hasn't the OSPCA stepped in like they did in Toronto? Are there no politicians who are willing to stop this murder of innocent animals?? Why cannot the public have the ability to rescue these animals? That is the most deplorable part of this scenario. They could/would save thousands of dollars in drugs, vet techs and vet salaries and heartbreak, by simply allowing the public to adopt! Shame on the Hamilton City Pound. You make me shamed to be a Canadian! I work at a large Ontario Union and will certainly be posting this at work!”

Judith Wilson, Canada
“I have been hearing bad things about Hamilton City Animal Control for a very long time now. I pray that this is the first step in doing something to stop the rush to euthanize that happens there! What a shame to kill healthy and loving animals like this! Shame on them! And shame on us if we don't try to help!”

Susan Ho, Canada
“I am sure there is other ways to stop the overpopulation of cats. There are many rescue organizations out there and they would help the cats and give them a second chance to live. Animals have feelings too! Please do not kill heartlessly!”

Suzanna van der Voort, Netherlands
“ Images That Will Haunt You Forever The dirty little secret of the animal sheltering industry in the United States is finally out. READ about the truth about the No Kill movement by HSUS, the ASPCA and other large, national organizations, thinking and believing that these organizations were regulating our shelters by promoting and ensuring basic standards of care, as they have claimed, and still claim, they do.....”

june bullied, Canada
“let these precious innocent animals live. they are all God's creatures put on earth to be respected, protected and cherished.”

Victoria Molinari, WA
"The greatness of a nation and it's moral progress can be judged by the way it's animals are treated". - Mahatma Gandhi"

Brenda Pelletier, NH
“killing animals is not the anwser,if it was this still wouldn't be going on.HAS TO STOP.”

Grainne O'Carroll, Ireland
“All animals deserve life.”

Karen Brown, Canada
"STOP THE KILLING NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Robert Olver, Canada
“Having rescued and given homes to unwanted, stray and mistreated or injured cats for the last 20 plus years, I have seen many instances of cruelty and disregard for the welfare of animals. Few, however have perpetuated such a monstrous regime of cruelty and uncaring as Hamilton Animal control and it's Death Row mentality. Those who are parties to this system should be investigated and jailed and if the law currently does not allow this; the law should be changed.”

Shar Wilson, Canada
"Life is life - whether in a cat, or dog or man. There is no difference there between a cat or a man. The idea of difference is a human conception for man's own advantage." (Sri Aurobindo)

Billy Angus, MT
Homeless animals should be adopted by loving families, not executed by a dystopian organization!!! This is 2011 A.D., not the Holocaust of the 1930's and 1940's!!!

Katarzyna Szymanek, Canada

... And on Katarzyna's comment, the last one we have for now, we echo, "enough!"

Claudia, Corinne, Edna, Bev, Renate, Joyce, Clara and the other volunteers of
ORA-Organization for the Rescue of Animals

"Hamilton Animal Control - Stop the Killings" Group

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