Monday, May 23, 2011

The Rarest Thing in the World

It's National Pet Month at ORA!

Today's May Adoptable is Cindy's little sister, Pearl (see​tail/10180990), a 1 year old Calico. Precious Pearl, the tiniest of three siblings, is a permanent kitten, and she is looking real hard for a true human friend to snuggle and hang out with. Please call Claudia at 416-726-5762 to have Pearl over for a lifetime today.

PEARL | Petfinder Adoptable Cat | Calico | Toronto, ON |

"A word of kindness is seldom spoken in vain, while witty sayings are as easily lost as the pearls slipping from a broken string." (George Dennison Prentice)

Credit: CHS

ORA-Organization for the Rescue of Animals

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