Wednesday, June 22, 2011

1 Group. 2 Protests. 1 Cause. 2 Petitions. 2557 Signatures. 1 Rally.

Over 3000 companion animals killed every year. No public adoptions. Limited opening hours for retrievals. Killings within 72 hours of pick-up. Outdated by-laws. Give the voiceless animals at the Hamilton Animal Services a few hours of your time this Saturday afternoon and get ready to Rally with ORA and the HAC-STK! Everyone is welcome to attend, cover and represent. Your collective participation at this long-awaited peaceful demonstration will help to give HAC's animals on endless death row a powerful voice demanding awareness and the need for change. If you have any questions or concerns with regards to the Rally, please feel free to stop by early on Saturday, or contact the friendly and hard-working organizer admins of the HAC-STK ( right here on Facebook at any time.
Enclosed below is the second anthology of your comments, taken directly from Petition Project Accountability NOW! Enjoy!
Ken Wood, Canada
Time to get with the times and concentrate on adopting out animals, not just killing them.
Jack Clark, Canada
A disgrace for all of Hamilton. STOP THE KILLING TODAY and make your shelter something to be proud of rather than ashamed of!
Nancy Ball, Canada
It's time to start doing the right thing for innocent animals. They didn't ask to be born to be put to death from no fault of their own.
Karen Sawyer, United Kingdom
No question stop killing of innocent life, these poor animals rely on us??!!
Patricia Gursky, NY
Death Row for animals is shamefull. Premature killings is deplorable.
Johanna Veenendaal, Canada
There is no reason to be euthanizing these animals when there are homes for them to go to. Working with rescues and other shelters is a far more acceptable means of controlling the number of cats -- or save the money from the euthanasia and get more cages. Priorities, people. We're supposed to be animal lovers not animal killers.
Tawny Sayegh, Canada
I did a 2 week field placement there for college, and I disagree with they way they euthanize stray animals.
Laura Slater, Canada
I know that Hamilton AC has always relied on killing as their only form of control, it would be nice to see this change!
Dianne McGonigle, Canada
Please stop the killing these poor souls deserve every chance they can get and every precious minute is a minute to be saved.
Kristine Mackay, Canada
No Killing is necessary!!! WE are the voices for the animals!!!
Name not displayed, United Kingdom
All living creatures deserve to live, it's not their fault that people are not responsible enough to spay and neuter their pets. Stop the killing of innocent animals.
Margot Treybig, VA
NO animal should die at the hands of a human.
Name not displayed, Canada
Please stop killing perfectly fine animals who have rescue and volunteer groups waiting in the wings to provide homes.
Laura Morales, Canada
Respect life!!
Wendy Martin, Canada
There is an equal way for all of us to live in harmony and that means a NO kill shelter.
David Ennis, Canada
Times have changed. Do better or get out.
Maureen Flynn, Canada
It is important for your City's reputation that you make humane decisions for all the disenfranchised. This includes your animals, stray, wild, or domestic. What you are doing is cruel and unconscionable, and will reflect poorly on you and your City. There are alternatives to this, and you know they could and should be acted upon. PLEASE, PLEASE STOP THE KILLINGS NOW!
Christine Leupen, Canada
We have an obligation to protect these animals from the cruelty of humans and give them a fair chance to have a good life - Isn't that what these animal control facilities are supposed to help facilitate?
Dorothy Parshall, Canada
The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. I hold that, the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man." Mahatma Ghandi (1869-1948)
Tracey Purnell, United Kingdom
No Kill please.
Shelly Peterson, WA
It is time to take logical action, like free spay/neuter so people can afford to adopt and take care of.
Cat Cybulski, Canada
There is a better way to deal with lost or homeless pets. Hamilton is taking the lazy way, and breaking pet owners' hearts while at it.
Darlene Thompson, Canada
Please spay or neuter your pets!
Irmgard Gutersohn, Germany
We don't have kill shelters in Germany!
Eloise Senyan, IL
Our county animal control has changed to no-kill. You can, too!
Debra Mohling, MO
Major reform is needed in this and many other shelters. People need to be given the chance to adopt. The fee they pay only helps the shelter, so there is no need to be in such a hurry to put these animals down!
Melody Aragorn, India
"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated" Mahatma Gandhi
Lisa McElheran, Canada
I work for the City Of Vancouver Animal Control. We do not put ANY animals down at this shelter, Hamilton you need to be the same way! There is a home for each and every animal.
Marilyn Glasgow, Canada
Hamilton Animal Control needs to stop the willful killing of innocent, healthy animals. It seems that anyone who works there is allowed to dictate which animal lives or dies. Unfortunately animal control is not as humane as the shelters, but they need to be called to account for their actions toward our animals.
George Zuwala, Canada
Dear city councilers please remove this policy follow the calgary model it works.
Ruth Serra, FL
How did it come to this, people putting Animals the death because they are too many, what if it was the other way around, would you like it if someone would put you to death because you are one to many?
Jaya Sinha, India
For every action there is a reaction. According to the law of karma, if we cause pain and suffering to other living beings, we must endure pain and suffering in return, both individually and collectively. We reap what we sow, in this life and the next, for nature has her own justice. No one can escape the law of karma
Sandra Crowne, Canada
I do Old English breed Rescue. No OES or OES mixed breed need be put down. Just contact me and I will help: Sandy Crowne.
Linda Reed, MD
These proposed laws are so unreasonable to even the the animal haters of the world should be appalled.
Ben Sammut, Canada
This is absolutely disgusting!
Diane Patterson, Canada
There are many other options to automatic euthanasia. Between various rescue groups and humane societies many of these animals could be saved.
Georgia Lawrence, TX
NO KILL cities are all over the world and are working. There is no reason to kill a healthy adoptable pet. NO REASON!!!
Heidi Ferrari, Canada
This is a disgrace! Hamilton you should be ashamed! Do you really care for the animals? Then prove it to us!
Daphne Saint, Canada
This has to stop, it is inhumane, there is no excuse for healthy animals being euthanized.
Morgan Dragonwolf, Canada
When will the human race truly respect animals as living, sentient beings and accord them the same right to life and one free from suffering that we expect to have for ourselves? No healthy animals should die for stupid reasons like there is not enough room for them or for any other frivolous reason.
Emilia Sparagna, CA
Long Overdue...let's do this....Here and Everywhere!!!!
Barbara McCahery, Canada
I was appalled when I read about the practices of the Hamilton pound. Such heartlessness is unbelievable. I hope this petition is successful in forcing Hamilton City Animal Control to change its practices.
Babouch Zouhra, France
Oui, oui, oui, ca urge!!!
Sandi Wallace, Canada
Mahatmi Gandi once wrote that the moral integity of a nation can be judged by the way it treats its animals. I guess we know where Hamilton, Ontario, Canada stands in this regard. However, it is within our power to change this abhorrent label. Please do so immediately. It is an absolute no-brainer.
Cathy Steinberg, Canada
Shame on you for killing helpless furkids. It is not their fault someone dumped them on the street, or perhaps they have inadvertedly got out. Give them a chance to live + be loved.
Lydia McNeese, CO
The practices of the this "shelter" need to change immediately. There is no reason to euthanize so many animals when there are many programs out there to support with saving them. It is pure laziness and lack of accountability when a "shelter", such as this one, does not try to implement change for the good of all the animals it is supposed saving.
Linda Gall, IN
PLEASE stop this inhumane treatment of innocent animals who have a chance to love and be loved again!
Simon Pearson, Australia
To adopt killing of animals as a policy, is to admit abject failure in animal management. They are victims of inefficient controls and enforcement of animal ownership legislation. The animals require full care not punishment.
Sandi Walker, Canada
Donni De-Ville, IL
Absolutely abolish Death Row! PLEASE, PLEASE!
Sabine Vonderheide, Canada
Killing innocent animals for no reason other than them not having a home is wrong! Please stop this practice and give them a chance to live!
Tanya Kyssa, Canada
The heartless cowards responsible for these atrocities agains poor, defenceless animals should be held accountable and the Hamilton Animal Control shut down! Sickening and disheartening that they have been getting away with this massacre.
Kathryn DeVos-Miller, Canada
These people care nothing about animals. Hamilton City Animal Control is simply running a slaughter house.
Why in Gods name can't you put these beloved animals up for adoption?? What kind of inhuman human being could kill these creatures just because! Well, karma will get its revenge on all of you hopefully. Theres no excuse for this barbaric ritual in 2011. Cats and dogs are humans learning tools to love, cherish and share the earth together. Not to just kill them and trash them like garbage!! For the love of God, have MERCY on these poor little furballs. They only want to trust us.
Mary Budgell, Canada
Our third cat is a stray that we adopted over 10 years ago and is happily still with us. These animals deserve the same chance to find a family who will love them. Senseless killing is not the answer.
Kathy Weiss, Canada
Please allow these animals that didnt ask to be in this position or place to be adopted to a loving home. Its morally and ethically the only thing to do.
Nancy Pedersen, Canada
Please at least try to find homes or return these animals to their own homes.
Sean Howard, Canada
Dear Lord. At least attempt to make it easier for people to adopt before you kill all these animals each and every week!!!! sigh.
Maria Ostergren, Belgium
Surely sterilize and release is a better way to spend the money and effort? Or the cycle of death will never end. Respect life. Or you risk a plague of mice & rats!
Lin Joyce, Canada
More efforts need to be put into making adoption affordable by a free spay and neuter service which would also decrease the number of unwanted animals. If Calgary can do it so can Ontario cities!
Byron Barwick, Canada
ALL sentient beings have the right to a voice...especially animals who can't speak for themselves!
Andrea Sammut, Canada
I wish this was an email scam, but sadly I don't think it is....please, can we find another way?
Linda Wilson, Canada
In this day and age of supposed enlightenment, how could any one person take on the responsibility of ending a life?? How on earth can this person or yet, many of the people in Hamilton sleep at night if they knowingly allow this to happen to their neighbour's pets? This must stop immediately and they need to move forward with a responsible spay/neuter programme. For the love of God...
Maria Gloria Salinas Picon, United Kingdom
Erika Percival, Canada
I called the City of Hamilton last year and filed a complaint against this shelter. I wanted to foster a cat there who was a bit older, but healthy. The next day I was told by the animal rescue group with which I was dealing that the cat was no longer available. It had been euthanized. The cat was tame and loving. The City representative with whom I spoke said she would look into my concerns about the shelter. I am saddened that this is still happening to the animals there.
Janine G. Smith, Canada
"The day will come when people like me will view the murder of an animal the same way they view that of a man today." - Leonardo Da Vinci
Name not displayed, AR
Stop all the meaningless deaths please!!!!
Whitney Grace, Canada
SHAMEFUL! Hamilton you are an embarassment to this province, the actions and LACK of actions by the people employed at this place are beyond pathetic. They get paid for this? What a joke. Time to get new jobs people..youre in the wrong line of work. Shelters and animals require COMPASSION and a HEART!
ORA-Organization for the Rescue of Animals (, Canada
See you at the Rally.
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