Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sound Off with Guest Writer, Shar Wilson!

"Siberian Housing Arrangements," or whatever better term could be coined, would not only help the people involved, it would also help many Siberian Huskies themselves, because it would mean more available homes for them to be fostered/adopted into!

The irresistible beauty of your average Siberian Husky is the reason so many initally fall in love with this breed. However, all too often those who were expecting just your average dog are driven insane by the traits that aren't so apparent when they impulsively buy such a beauty: the cat-like mannerisms, the demanding nature of the breed, not to mention their aptitude for escapes that would put Houdini to shame [and Sibes usually execute these "Escape From Alcatraz" calibre operations at the worst possible time of one's day]. There are not so much holes dug in the backyard, as archeological excavations appearing when it seemed that the owners' backs were turned for only a few moments. The expensive repairs from the "lessons learned" aspect alone can frustrate even the lifelong dog-owner!

Those who do stay in love with Siberians often cite their quirky personalities and Husky-song as major aspects of the joy of owning these dogs. They are willing to go through the many high maintenance aspects of the breed for the pleasure of having such unique, gregarious, and just plain fun canine kid! Often their lives are centred around their dogs, which is not a difficult feat when a Siberian Husky is involved.

Many a Siberian-Husky-person these days has owned their own home at one time, however, through bad financial times have lost those homes.... personally-owned homes which in the past allowed them to freely live with a loud, high-maintenance breed of dog.

Those "Sibe people" who must now rent are generally looking at a market where few, if any, will fit into most common rental situations when their passion is to live amongst dogs that are loud, sometimes destructive, loud, enjoy howling and bouncing around the living room during "silly time", and did I mention loud?

There must somewhere be some homeowners who are themselves owned by Siberian Huskies, and who have wished their households were quiet enough to rent out part of their premises [basements, rooms, "granny flats", etc.], but wrote off the very [hah.... HAH-hah!] idea that they'd ever find tenants that could put up with noise level of the most awesome member[s] of their family.

However.... who better to rent one's spare living space to than a fellow bi-ped-owned-by-a-Siberian-Husky sort of person!

Who else but another Siberian Husky person could be understanding about the multivoice chorus of howls EVERY time the nearby fire station sends out a truck, the begging along the lines of "for heaven's sake, please-please-please NEVER leave this dog unsecured, even inside the fenced backyard, unless you can stay within about two feet of him/her while the dog has a long leash dragging from a harness" [if you've ever tried to chase down an escaped Sibe in the pouring, almost freezing rain of November wearing a housecoat, thin track pants, and slippers with no socks, you can TOTALLY understand that one ROFLMAO!!].... and all the rest of the general, divine madness of sharing life with any Siberian! Also, let's face it, these K9 kids can be like potato chips, as in "betcha can't have just o-n-e!", hence many a Siberian Husky-owned family has multiple dogs, heh-heh-heh.

So I put this question to Sibe-families who are homeowners: ever wished you could rent out a section of your home to help pay for some of those Husky-inspired home improvement projects, or should I also say repair projects? Maybe there'd even be a little left over after the dog-related stuff to shave a little bit off of your mortgage payment each month, too.... miracles can happen, you just never know!

I, for instance, could more than happily live in someone's old granny flat, listen to the fire-truck Husky sing-a-long at my upstairs neighbours, and not be a complaining-tenant-who-might-leave-and-spend-their-rent-money-elsewhere but instead laugh delightedly as my own Husky/ies join[s] on in and serenade me!

Of course, as protection for both landlords and tenants [canine AND human], there would need to be requirements, such as: all dogs on premises being fixed, crate training [for safety's sake as usual, otherwise Murphy's Law states that these little perishers will just end up needing surgical removal of SOMETHING or other from their stomachs], baby gates where needed, installation of recycling, etc., in places that are harder for Sibes to get at.... all that sort of fun stuff.

We could all help each other with tips and tricks we've learned from the Siberian Special Academy of Practical Life Lesson. Plus, what other tenant will be so willing to help you with installing that extra chunk of fence you want to dig in UNDER THE SOIL and wire it to the base of the existing fence, or set up that "sandbox" area for the outlet of those expert excavation skills of our Sibes? Not to mention the potential for even brief dog-sitting/walking/whatever carried out by folks who can actally comprehend that our dogs WILL take off, no matter what, if you let them off the leash/leave the gate open/leave the door open/yadda-yadda-yadda!
Please let me know what you think: Comments.... Types of places folks might like to rent/rent out....
Thank you :-

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"Siberian-Husky-Person Homing," © by Shar Wilson

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