Friday, July 1, 2011

"Talk to a Friend About Spay and Neuter!" on Canada Day

ORA and Bob Barker fully support "Talk to a Friend About Spay and Neuter!" Day on Facebook. In fact, ORA regularly promotes the spaying and neutering of all pets before they become able to procreate. The spaying and neutering should be done at the age of six months. The same rule applies if you keep your pet(s) indoors. An unspayed or unneutered pet will eventually be successful in running away to mate.

Some people even allow their unneutered or unspayed cats to go outdoors without realizing that this can eventually be the cause of enormous miseries and suffering, especially for cats. The cats mate, reproduce and the offspring have to fend for themselves — often dying of starvation, cold, or becoming victims of predators, cars or deranged humans. The kittens who are able to survive will reproduce and in turn continue the horrific story of suffering and death. Since female cats can give birth up to 3 times a year, up to 6 kittens per litter, you can imagine the impact that this creates on the feline population. In fact an unneutered male cat and an unspayed female and their offspring can produce 270,000 in seven years! Is there still a doubt left about the importance of spaying or neutering your cat?

Out of love for our companion animals, we think all cats and dogs should be neutered and spayed to avoid new births, prevent unnecessary shelter killings and help to keep our pet populations under control. We are also committed to procuring the best life possible for all existing cats and dogs, domestic, stray or feral. One of our main activities is to rescue strays and ferals and to take in cats surrendered by their owners and find good adoptive homes for them. Any cat or dog that is rescued or taken in by ORA is vaccinated, spayed/neutered and de-wormed as needed. The cat or dog receives any other necessary veterinary care and then is placed in a foster home if a suitable adoptive home is not readily available.

Rescuing several new cats and dogs each month is costly to say the least! Adoption fees rarely cover even basic medical and spay and neuter costs. Typical spay and neuter prices are usually higher, but here are some of the best rates we’ve ever been given by our usual vets in the Greater Toronto Area:

1 female cat spay = $120

1 female dog spay = $270

1 male cat neuter = $80

1 male dog neuter = $180

With these special rates in mind, please consider making a “Talk to a friend about Spay and Neuter!” Day Donation to ORA-Organization for the Rescue of Animals at any of the aforementioned amounts to help us to spay and neuter our new rescue animals this summer, either via

PayPal --

By Mail --

OR Drop off a Donation in person at Pride in downtown Toronto this weekend at

Pride Beer Garden Fundraiser for ORA -, OR

ORA’s Pride Booth --

(All donations are eligible for a charitable tax receipt by mail upon request.)

So remember that July 1st is “Talk to a friend about Spay and Neuter!” Day. We hope that our message here will help you to get your conversation about the importance of spaying and neutering pets started with your friends today.

We look forward to seeing those of you who come out to Toronto Pride this Canada Day long weekend,

Claudia Vecchio, Corinne Thaw, and the Volunteers of

Organization for the Rescue of Animals

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