Friday, July 8, 2011

Sound Off with Guest Advocate, Jack Clark

Isn't it ironic
that it is rescues and individuals who SAVE these doomed animals, spend thousands of their own money and NEVER kill any animals? The ONLY ones that KILL animals are the very same organizations that get PAID to do so. What's wrong with this picture!

what all those feline-hating respondents to our first Rally report fail to realize is that it's not just so-called stray or nuisance wild cats getting cruelly killed, it’s lost loved cats and loved dogs, too! Along with newborns, too! Wonder how they feel about canines in Hamilton? Can you imagine how much suffering is inflicted on those being swiftly heartstuck and also those poor animals witnessing and hearing it! Imagine the horrors inside there on the mornings when the vet sticks 83 cats and 7 dogs (Friday, June 24, 2011) before they even open!!!! Must be a mere 1 or 2 minutes for each animal, who is then left in the cage bleeding in agony ‘til death!!!

According to past info,
@6000 cats were killed by HAC in 2007. Now that figure is down to less than 3000 just by implementing ONE (allowing some rescues) of the many, many programs now being proposed for change! Imagine how many more can be saved by implementing more of these life saving programs! Please share your voices and help make this happen!

The Hamilton Burlington SPCA
apparently only has 'space' for 22 cats or kittens out front just happily waiting 'forever' til adoption. While the Animal Control out back may be routinely stacked up with well over 100 just waiting for either a miracle rescue or Cruel Death in only '72 hrs'! OSPCA has 'branches' that share (a bit) in their winfalls of cash. The 'affilliates' are on their own to garner their own cash. HBSPCA is an 'affilliate' getting no share of the big pie :) and actually PAY the OSPCA a yearly fee for the *privilege* of affilliation (and learn all the tricks of the trade of course). As for the Ospca, I personally wouldn't use the term 'wonderful' to describe this organization. For an educational look into their history visit

changes are made it won't be long before the killings are done 4 times a week, and then 5, and then? This continual and ever increasing needless and CRUELLY performed killing of animals also speaks volumes to me of the Ethics and Priorities of vets who perform these cruel deeds without hesitation or intervention for changes. What ever happened to the Code of Ethics? If not Professional, then perhaps Moral? This is just so sad.

has it the City of Hamilton pays a vet @$70 for each animal that it chooses to kill every 2 or 3 days per week in a cruel manner, almost 3000 last year, inside their Animal Control facility, which is located in the back of the same building as the SPCA, and this vet is also on the Board of Directors for Hamilton/Burlington SPCA.

the Veterinary profession and the Ospca are both self-governed, self-regulated organizations free to set their own mandates and protocols, so it's up to us, the animal loving public, to educate ourselves on the many solutions to all these problems and demand changes at all levels of animal welfare. We're starting with changing Animal Control Shelter policies of needlessly killing healthy adoptable animals, by recommending the PROVEN solutions outlined in Nathan Winograd (’s book Redemption ( which details all these problems and how to fix them. Join us at the HAC-STK group page,, and at the next Rally on Saturday, July 30th, for much needed change to reduce the needless killings and SAVE animals, not KILL.

Every person
I spoke to in their cars (and I spoke to LOTS!) at the Rally on Saturday, June 25th, were truly shocked to learn about their Animal Control policies and most used the terms 'cruel' and 'inhumane' after learning. Hope the discussions continue and word spreads to many others in Hamilton! It was a good day! Thanks to all who came and joined this first Rally!

Exposure Exposure by everyone WILL bring about change!

Join us and speak up for changes! More Exposure! Since our first rally, a rescuer has stated that the shelter has at least added an air conditioner and some huge fans for those poor animals, and the usual KILLING was cancelled last Friday (July 1, 2011)! Yaaayyy! Let's get the City to make some positive changes now to also help the animals! It has been far too many years. The animals have been dying waiting for this chance at life... they ALL deserve our help!

("Why I don't sleep well at nights," a compilation of comments by the HAC-STK's Jack Clark)

Last Sound Off Feature, by Lillian Szilagy:

Next Peaceful Rally Date: Saturday, July 30, 2011
Time: 11:30 AM – 3:30 PM
Location: Hamilton City Hall, 71 Main St W, Hamilton, ON CANADA


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