Friday, April 22, 2011

"ORA et labore" for the Earth and all Living Kind. It's what we do here.

EARTH DAY, 2011. ORA. Our name, Organization for the Rescue of Animals, was selected so that its abbreviation would spell O.R.A. In Latin, ora means "pray." Working for the animals can be a unifying element for humans, above any social, religious or economic differences. When you work (labore) for the animals out of compassion and love, you are in harmony and in peace with nature.

If you don’t already have plans for April 22nd, please allow us to recommend a few Earth-friendly activities that you can do, either on your own, or with your loved ones, to honor and celebrate Earth Day this year:

-remove litter from public areas such as parks or playgrounds in your neighbourhood.
-pick up garbage from the ditches of rural or suburban roads.
-take a stroll with (or without) your dog in a forested region or conservation to better appreciate the importance of preserving green areas.
-take a culinary walk on the Vegan side under the sun, or by candlelight in the evening.
-educate and influence the youngsters in your life to reduce consumerism, to protect the environment, to preserve wildlife, and to share the space peacefully with animals.

Remember that ORA's essential mandate includes actively promoting for the preservation of wildlife and its habitat. By becoming more sensitive and empathetic towards the plight of animals in our modern world, we humans can learn to become more sensitive and empathetic toward each other, thereby eliminating many problems, and human suffering, caused by intransigency and insensitivity. This credo, universally shared by our members and volunteers alike, is the foundation of all of ORA’s actions and intentions.

Happy Earth Day, from your fellow Earth Warriors at,
ORA-Organization for the Rescue of Animals

"Let us learn to live in harmony with urban wildlife: squirrels, raccoons, skunks, and so on. They were here before us. The deed to our house does not entitle us to evict, trap, or worse, kill them. We are here to share the earth with the animals, so let us respect and care for them."
-Claudia Vecchio

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