Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spencer retires from ORA's Work, but not from Life.

MEMBER NEWS: ORA’s well known “demo dog,” Spencer, an eleven year old Australian Shepherd mix, was recently diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease (hyperadrenocortism). Dogs can live several years with Cushing’s, though, and ORA has no intention of losing Spencer before his time. To that end, Corinne and Claudia are working tirelessly with vets to find the right treatment that will control Spencer's disease and improve his quality of life long-term.

As loving pet advocates, we may be at least somewhat biased, but we really mean it when we say that Spencer is a genuinely good dog. Claudia and Corinne fondly remember taking Spencer with them into local area schools to talk to students about animal rights, and to espouse the need for truly committed pet ownership. Spencer never, ever minded being admired and petted by so many children, and he especially loved to be hugged!

On another occasion, Spencer spent a memorable day at Humber College's fundraising program sitting quietly next to Corinne. He was a good student for most of the day, except when he got bored in one class, and started snoring... We’re sure Spencer picked a good one to nap through, though.

For many years now, Spencer has proudly been ORA’s one and only demo dog at countless pet nutrition seminars and other fundraising events organized by ORA. He has also participated in several demonstrations emphasizing the benefits of massage, Reiki and Tellington TTouch® on animals. He is such a great dog, and his near celebrity presence at future ORA events will be keenly missed.

Dogs can live for several years with Cushing’s, and we hope that Spencer will be one of the lucky ones. In the meantime, multiple diagnostics and vet visits are crushingly expensive. ORA spent over $600 for just one day’s worth of diagnostics last Friday. Spencer has since returned to the vet for a blood test on Tuesday, and is already scheduled for another consultation this coming Monday. Hundreds more dollars in bills to come.

That said, ORA will not let Spencer go untreated, and we hope that you won’t, either.

If you’re a friend of Spencer’s, please feel free to contact Corinne at 416-726-8895 to find out more about his condition, as well as news about his treatment. If you would like to offer Spencer your personal and immediate assistance directly via sponsorship or donations, please call Claudia at 416-726-5762.


ORA-Organization for the Rescue of Animals

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