Friday, April 29, 2011

Sponsor. Foster. Donate. Adopt. How to Help Stop The Killing Cycle.

Have you ever thought of becoming a foster?
Here at ORA-Organization for the Rescue of Animals, we do not get public funding, nor do we have a shelter. All of ORA’s animals are housed in foster homes, private homes, and homes of individuals like you who offer to help. We are funded solely upon private donations.

Feeding 130+ animals in our direct care costs us over $125 a day alone plus the additional costs of cat litter, other supplies and veterinary bills. It goes without saying that ORA does not get enough donations to cover these expenses so we must take the money from our own pockets, and still, we are very much in the red. We house the animals in private homes, but if there are no foster homes and no money, we cannot rescue anymore.

Why are animals being euthanized?
Animal Services are city pounds sponsored by public funding, and they are known to euthanize strays twice a week, usually on Tuesdays and Fridays. This is a fact, and may not be entirely their fault, as it is also a well-known fact they have far too many animals, and not nearly enough cages or space to keep them in, while new animals keep arriving into their facility every day.

This happens when people do not adopt responsibly, when they do not spay or neuter their animals, and when they let them proliferate. When new owners cannot maintain impulsively made adoption commitments, many will abandon their animals under various pretexts. These kinds of people are the ones who are responsible for the killing of so many innocent lives!

Thus, the euthanizations will continue routinely every Tuesday and Friday if someone does not rescue directly, or adopt or sponsor through a rescue group. The Humane Society does not rescue these cats, for they, too, are inundated by animals that are dropped off at their door every day, and they, too, will euthanize when the numbers become too many.

The OSPCA, a previously well-known animal adoption centre, used to euthanize an unbelievable percentage of the animals that they received before they closed one year ago. The majority of the large, public organizations will kill healthy animals when they have too many. Some of them kill routinely.

The reality is that your monthly donations save lives.
Euthanization is the tragic reality and that is why ORA and other small no-kill rescue groups exist so that we can rescue and save as many precious lives as we can. Sometimes, we cannot save them all. So we appeal to people like you to sponsor, to foster, to donate and to adopt because these are the ways that best help us to save lives.

Rescue groups see the photos and the notices every week on the “URGENTS” lists, so we all try to save as many as we can, whenever we can. Nevertheless, that same week, many animals will still be killed.

Sponsor with a monthly donation today to help us to care for the animals we’ve rescued this week, to help us to rescue more animals next week, and to help us to continue our necessary rescue efforts every week, week after week, until euthanization becomes a thing of the past.

Claudia Vecchio, Volunteer Chairperson
ORA-Organization for the Rescue of Animals

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